Free Download: Educators' Kit on Diversity
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Free Download: Educators' Kit on Diversity


Educators' Kit on Diversity:

Ginny's Planet has carefully designed an Educator's Kit helping Teachers and Schools initiate a conversation on diversity with children. Let's invest in this today so that the future is different. 

This Kit offers great tools through which you can confidently bring diversity conversations into classrooms and homes! That's not all. There are some DIY activities too! 

Kit Includes Facilitators' Guide | Puppets | Ginny Doll | May I join Today: A Story that Provokes Thoughts & Triggers Discussion| Coloring Book with Diversity Focus | 2 Packs of Coloring Pencils | 30 Bookmarks with Messages on Diversity

Do explore it here and see if you would like to buy for schools you know or sponsor them for our upcoming work in schools.

Ginny's Planet, a social enterprise, is building a world where nobody feels like an odd-one out! Know more about Ginny's Planet:


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